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Our Franchise Proposal

Welcome to Dr.Leakage a leader in providing comprehensive waterproofing solutions. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to join our growing network of successful franchises.

A Brief About Dr. Leakage

Dr. Leakage is a brand of Summer Homes Constrocare LLP. It is a waterproofing professional service provider. We also supplies waterproofing materials to small scale waterproofing service providers. Our parent company, already made a breakthrough in the industry. Dr. Leakage emerges to become the last word of providing quality service in the industry. 


We aim to create top-notch waterproofing solutions for our customers at reasonable prices. Our reputation lies in delivering sturdy and lasting waterproofing solutions. Our customers trust us to solve their problems, and we’re committed to safeguarding their building assets and prolonging the lifespan of their structures.

Our top priority is being where our customers need us. When we first connect with them, we start by fully understanding their on-site problem. We ask lots of questions to figure out how to reduce risks or losses, and we look into new, affordable technologies. Then, we use our expertise to craft unique solutions tailored to their needs.

Our Services

We provide reliable solutions which offer unmatched protective advantages that can be applied to both new construction and remedial buildings. Our expertise lies in delivering market-leading products which provide un compromising quality and durability, exceeding customer satisfaction in a dynamic construction environment.

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Waterproofing Chemicals

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Construction Adhesives

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Concrete Admixtures

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Waterproofing Putty

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Waterproofing Paints

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Protective Coatings

roof water leakage solution

Domestic Flooring

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Concrete Repairs

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Tile Adhesives

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Surface Coating

foundation waterproofing

Engineering Non shrink grouts

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Repair Sector


Dr. Leakage welcomes business enthusiast to join with our family.

Offering a great business opportunity for you!

Those who are looking to be a part of our successfully running business, we are so happy to have you on board.

This opportunity will be a great benefit for you, if you have a plan to run your own business.

District wise franchise opportunity available!

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Our Vision

Our Mission

Dr. Leakage emerged to become the ultimate service provider in the building waterproofing industry. We have professionals who got a great experience in the industry that would be our best value for our services

water proofing foundation

Our Proposal

(Total Franchise Cost will be 4.5 Lakh + GST)

a) From the total investment 3 Lakh will be deducted to purchase and balance amount will be deducted to security deposit

b) Franchise interior will be done from franchisor side

a) Office space on good location

b) System and printer

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